Hi, I am Dhairyasheel Sutar and this is my blog.

I have started this blog to create my online space where I can share my learnings, experiences and reviews etc.

Before I talk more about my blog, I would like to share some of my background as well.

Dhairyasheel Sutar

Since my childhood, I had passion to learn the technology. This is because I had the curiosity to understand how the system’s are built in the real world.

So yeah. I went into Engineering and pursed a job as a Cloud Engineer. So I have more than 3 years of experience working in the IT. During this time, I worked a many projects, built systems etc. But that’s a different story. I actually have a separate blog where I share my experiences in working with the IT.

I have been trying to blog for my last 2 years but I wasn’t very consistent enough. So result is No result!

This year I thought to start again, but this we already saw increase of AI thanks to ChatGPT. The Gen AI has taken the blogging industry by storm and people are using it for blogs writing, creating social media posts, coding etc.

In my free time, I began testing out AI tools, various other AI Models. I was impressed by their capabilities but also noticed limitations compared to human creativity and judgment. Because I am from a IT background, I am already well aware of the concepts such as AI, Machine learning, Transformer. So it didn’t took me a lot of time to understand these things.

I started sharing my hands-on findings through blogs / meetings allowed me to connect with fellow peoples eager to learn about these innovations.

This inspired me to create a blog focused on reviewing AI and other tools from a user’s perspective. I research and experiment with the latest tools and share straightforward, real-world assessments. My goal is to help readers grasp both capabilities and limitations to make informed decisions.

As an engineer by background with years of hands-on tech experience, I add a practical perspective missing from many AI reviews. But I approach my analysis based on personal interest and curiosity rather than any industry affiliation.

My aim is to provide useful insights for the everyday tech user – whether you’re a blogger considering AI content tools, a business exploring new software, or simply an avid learner.

I am working on growing this blog by learning and in this process, I share my experiences in this blog to help new bloggers navigate through the blogging challenges.

I invite you to explore my blog and join the discussion! I appreciate feedback and diverse perspectives from readers.

You can always connect with over the LinkedIn –

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